Logo of LoginRadius.


LoginRadius is a Vancouver-headquartered B2B SaaS company where I worked full-time as a Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist.


  • Successfully led the procurement process of an agency for a new corporate website, vetting agencies from across North America and Europe, creating/distributing the RFP, developing and applying criteria for qualifying short-listed agencies, and securing a contract under strict budget, portfolio, and timeline requirements
  • Co-designed industry-specific marketing campaigns and researched/created content (landing pages, ad copy, email templates) based on vertical-tailored buyer personas, unique value propositions, etc.
  • Designed and implemented email-nurturing workflows (Pardot), mapped to the B2B buyer’s journey
  • Executed key landing-page optimizations (WordPress) with A/B testing (Google Website Optimizer)
  • Created reports and benchmarks for website (Google Analytics) and MQL-to-SQL conversions (Salesforce)

Work Samples


  • Content production (landing pages, blog posts)
  • Conversion-rate optimization (marketing landing pages, MQLs to SQLs)
  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Operations for marketing-to-sales handoffs (Pardot, Salesforce)